January 5, 2017

Illuminum Herbs is a subsidiary that deals with the growing and exporting of herbs. At the moment, we take pride in providing a market to the following herbs for export;

  1. Basil Leaves (Greenhouse Crop)
  2. Chives (Greenhouse Crop)
  3. Mint Leaves (Outdoor crop)
  4. Rosemary leaves (Outdoor crop)
  5. Corriander (Outdoor crop)
  6. Sage (Outdoor crop)
  7. Thyme (Outdoor crop)
  8. Parsley (Outdoor crop)
  9. Tarragon (Outdoor crop)
  10. Oregano (Outdoor crop)

Greenhouse crops: These are herbs that can only be grown in a greenhouse.

Outdoor crops: These are herbs that can be grown outside natural weather under sprinkler or drip irrigation.

Our prices are competitive with our best performing crop being Basil which draws a market from both the EU and the Middle East nations. All our farms are GlobalGAP Certified to ensure we conform to international standards of producing and growing healthy herbs for human consumption.

With this product, we take a contract farming approach where we fix the prices across a year and also assist in setting up all the systems needed to operate the farm. There are certain needs that need to be attained before we export your crop. These are;

  • There should be a minimum of 10 Greenhouses constructed in the farm of dimension 8M by 30M and 3 acres of outdoor irrigation.
  • Water tanks as from 20,000litres raised from 4M and higher.
  • There should be a presence of a sorting and packing house.
  • A cold room to refrigerate the produce before departure to JKIA.
  • Fertiliser and chemical store
  • Washrooms for both male and females
  • Small office and store.
  • Global GAP Certification
Once we have all the above in place, we provide a signed contract that allows us to collect your produce yearly. If any of the items miss in your farm, it is our role to assist you in providing these necessary items.

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