Farmshield™ AI-Powered Sensors – Illuminum Greenhouses™ Kenya
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Farmshield™ AI-Powered Sensors


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With Farmshield™ you can remotely control your farm from your mobile phone and dashboard. Farmshield™ makes farming smart and intelligent by using off the grid Farmspears™ sensors that measure soil parameters, send the data to our cloud for analysis, and send real-time alerts and advice to farmers via SMS, Email or App alerts. It’s really easy to use! You just buy our FarmShield online, we deliver, install and set up your cloud access to allow you manage your farm from our app, web portal or USSD platform.

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The Farmspears™

The Farmshield™ talks to 2 stand-alone sensors we call Farmspears™ due to the nature of its installation where you spear it to the ground. The Farmspears™ collect data on the state of the soil such as the soil moisture, farm ambient temperature, light intensity and humidity then sends it to the Farmshield.

A Farmspear™ houses the following sensors and equipment;

  1. NPK Nutrient Sensor (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  2. Soil Moisture Sensor
  3. Soil Temperature Sensor
  4. Air Humidity Sensor
  5. Air Temperature Sensor
  6. Light Intensity Sensor
  7. Water flow meter to monitor irrigation
  8. Solar Panel and Battery

The Farmshield™

The Farmshield™ is the brain of the farm. It combines data from both spears, checks if anything has exceeded the required levels in the farm and if so, takes the necessary action to correct it.

The Farmshield™ makes smart decisions on the farm such as:

  1. Opening and closing the irrigation system to let water flow into the farm if the soil moisture sensors report low soil moisture levels.
  2. Actuating on greenhouse fans to evacuate humidity in the greenhouse if the air humidity sensors report high humidity levels.
  3. Opening and closing of the greenhouse side ventilation if the air temperature sensor reports high-temperature levels.
  4. Timely alerts on low or high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in the soil.

By allowing the Farmshield to make decisions at the farm level, we ensure the farmers’ crops are protected from system failures during loss of connectivity which is a common occurrence in rural farms.


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