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COVID19-What are we doing?

Illuminum Greenhouses - March 27, 2020 - 0 comments

We are protecting farmers. Yes, the farmers that are important to our livelihoods because they will provide the food we need to get through each day. That’s how we are looking at this pandemic. We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you.

We understand the seriousness that this situation places the very vulnerable smallholder farmers who rely on us to provide modern farming technologies affordably. Farmers rely on us to help power their livelihood, and we understand the responsibility that entails. Meeting that responsibility day in and day out, in any environment, is our primary focus. This enduring mission guides us as we closely monitor, assess and respond to this situation.

So what are we doing? We have slashed our products and services costs by 10%. This frees up more money for farmers to channel to other necessities during this time. Secondly, we are increasing extension services to further ensure all our farmers are producing at optimum. We know Kenya shall conquer this pandemic, however, we must ensure we continue to produce to feed our population staying at home. As our doctors go to work, police protect our streets and our leaders mobilise us to be responsible citizens, our farmers shall keep growing and we thank them for their dedication.

“We know that food is essential all year round, but in the face of a pandemic it’s critical that shelves remain stocked and supplies remain plentiful. That gives people confidence and courage and hope for the future.”

US Secretary of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue

Secondly, we have implemented a Work-from-Home Policy to our office team with meetings going virtual to ensure continuity of business. Our phone lines are up 24/7 with WhatsApp business chats implemented to allow any of our clients with queries to have realtime discussions with our team. Our field team have been trained on the importance of social distancing and constant sanitizing to minimise the risk of contacting the coronavirus.

These precautionary measures have been taken to limit the potential spread of the virus, to support our employees in this challenging time and to ensure we maintain our ability to serve you, our customer, for the long term.

We are committed to stay on course and continue to provide affordable farming technologies to farmers especially during this period where our farmers will require the most support that organisations can offer.

Please be safe and stay healthy.

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