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Top Agricultural Technology for Greenhouse Farming

Illuminum Greenhouses - June 28, 2021 - 0 comments

Use of technology in farming is now a trend that many farmers are trying to adapt to, especially large scale farmers. But that doesn’t mean small scale farmers cannot. There are technologies for both types of farmers. Greenhouse farming has also adopted better and more efficient technologies to make work easier when it comes to monitoring the plants from planting to harvesting period. In this article, l’ll discuss the top technology and gadgets you should employ in your greenhouse farming. 

These include AI powered Farmshields, transplanters, seeders and conveyors; greenhouse management computer software for inventory controls, logistics and crop protection; structures and coverings; irrigation equipment and controls; and growing media equipment such as pot fillers, tray fillers and soil mixers. Here are some of the technology as discussed below.

  1. AI Powered Farmshield 

The primary purpose of a greenhouse is to provide ideal conditions for year-round plant production regardless of location, weather and other environmental conditions. 

Our AI powered farmshield performs three major functions:

Automatic water regulation Automatic water regulation

Instant SMS alerts from farm sensors Instant SMS alerts from farm sensors

Powered by solar = 24/7 farm monitoring Powered by solar = 24/7 farm monitoring

You can learn how it works here.

Our team setting up a Farmshield for a client
  1. Hot Air Generator 

The hot air generators are especially recommended in those cases where there is not an important requirement for continuous heating and as an occasional defence against freezing temperatures. 

The purpose of this system is to increase the productivity of the crops and their maturity in cold weather, using medium level technology.

The distribution of hot air is carried out using fans and hoses.

How it looks from inside the greenhouse
Outside the greenhouse
  1. Water heater

This is a Centralised heat generation system using natural gas, diesel, biomass, geothermal heat. Water circulates through metal or PVC-Polyethylene pipes as a heat transporting agent, depending on the temperature of the hot water source, the temperature increase requirements and the crop.

Water heating system

4. Cooling Systems 

Water evaporation cooling system consists of extractor fans and cooling panels installed on opposite walls of the greenhouse to create a negative pressure area inside the greenhouse. This forces the outside air flowing through the dampened panels becoming charged with water molecules and cooled down and thus decreasing the temperature inside the greenhouse. 

These innovative cooling systems help farmers achieve optimum air and circulation levels – creating the perfect growing environment for their produce

5. Fog System 

Consists of incorporating a large number of micro-particles of water to the ambient air, which remain suspended in the air inside the greenhouse long enough to evaporate without wetting the crops. The water is added in the form of fog using special nozzles distributed uniformly all over the surface of the greenhouse.

The Fog system is very useful for humidifying and cooling down the greenhouse in a controlled manner and carrying out disinfection treatments using soluble plant protection products.

6. Hydroponics – Vertical and horizontal gardens 

With an ever rising population, land capital has become too high and yet what farmers can plant on the ground is so little. 

Hydroponics uses alternative mediums to soil eliminating the usual weed problems. Less weeds, more yield!

Hydroponics allows one to one to grow up to four times the number of plants.

Wrapping Up

With the global demand for food due to the increased population, there’s a need for controlled environments to ensure constant supply of food. There’s no doubt that the greenhouse industry is the best option for farming and its evolution at a breaknecking speed tells it all. That’s why employing technologies to ease efforts in the greenhouse farms is important.

At Illuminum Greenhouses, we offer a coordinated approach for greenhouse farming for our local farmers and international investors in East Africa for easy greenhouse farming experience. Reach out to us.

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