Ever wished you could monitor your farm with a simple touch? Well, we have drawn closer, and this time, Illuminum greenhouses in collaboration with Agrivi, now offer the Agrivi application. With more than 10,000 sales, in over 150 counties, we are pleased to offer the revolutionary Agrivi application.


Agrivi will see farmers;

  • Take control of all farming activities.
  • Get Knowledge about the best practice farming process.
  • Reduce risk of lower yield caused by pest & diseases.
  • Make data driven decisions for improving productivity.
  • Save time, reduce costs and ensure profitability.


Agrivi, simply gives you a clear picture of how your farm operates while providing efficiency and sustainability elements accessible from the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Agrivi comes with a free app downloaded at the Google App Store or the iPhone App Store enabling you to enter your farm records on any device you may have with you.


Agrivi is segmented in crop management, finances and resources.

  • Crop management, lets you register crop production, mark fields; that is, track the field of crop production using Google maps.This technology, further links with Google forecasts, and gives you forecasts for the farm, to as far as 3 years ago and further years to come. This ultimately sensitizes the farmer and updates the farmer on risks expected, thus, reducing negative growth of crops. Crop management further allows a farmer, to record tasks partaking the crop and farm. Acts like, planting, harvesting among others can be recorded under tasks. This are then synchronized with alarms, which always remind the farmer of impending tasks.
  • Finance segment, gives a picture of how the farmers run their; sales, expenses and investments. Farmers also get to record their statistics of the farm produce which they can custom as sales. The farmers gets to record how his sales go. Expenses like, electricity, labor and fuel can also be recorded. These give an insight on how the expenses are used and how much is spent on them. Investments too are given a recorded and easily monitored template. Agrivi further provides a graph representation of this data, which helps the farmers to easily keep track their farm records.
  • Resources refer to what is contained in the farm.Elements of People, field, mechanization, items and inventory are recorded here. This segment contains the ‘heart’ of the farm. Each farmer should keenly fill this section since all other segments are linked to this segment for synchronization.

Agrivi is meant for the farmers who want to improve output and synergy of resources in their farm all from the comfort of their mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

To experience this new innovative technology, visit our website and simply click on AGRIVI at the top menu.