Metallic Screenhouses 8x15M (Request a pre-site survey) – Illuminum Greenhouses™ Kenya
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Metallic Screenhouses 8x15M (Request a pre-site survey)


Request a Pre-Site Survey


We ensure that the price we give our customers is a complete all inclusive price with no hidden costs or missing items.
We only require that you provide us with casual labourers who will be guided by our technicians during installation of the screenhouse and cement, sand and ballast which will be used on the foundation of your screenhouse.

All our Screenhouse prices include the following items:

  1. Galvanised Metallic Structure: (15 Year Guarantee)
  2. Greenhouse Polyethene 200microns: (3 Year Guarantee)
  3. AgroZ-50 Mesh white Insect net under the greenhouse polycover to ceate a sunlight screen.
  4. Entry Porch- to secure your screenhouse during entry by farm workers.
  5. Roll up side ventilation to control temperature inside the screenhouse.
  6. Technical Installation Costs.

Prices of our metallic screenhouses for production of black soldier flies

Screenhouse size 4x10M 8x15M 8x30M 16x30M
Price KSh 165,000 KSh 360,000 KSh 485,000 KSh 575,000
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