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Wooden Greenhouses (Request a pre-site survey)

Request a Pre-Site Survey


In order to offer variety to our customers, we provide wooden greenhouses that also have the same production capability as metallic greenhouses but cost lower so as to make greenhouse farm- ing much more affordable. The main difference being that wooden greenhouses are not suitable for areas with termites. For such areas we advise taking our metallic greenhouses. However, in terms of durability, our wooden greenhouses last up to 7 years in areas with no termite infection.

Prices of our wooden greenhouses

Greenhouse size 6x10M 8x15M 8x24M 8x30M 12x30M 16x30M
Water tank size provided (optional) 500L 500L 1000L 1000L 2300L 2300L
Total price KSh 168,000 KSh 189,000 KSh 265,000 KSh 290,000 KSh 440,000 KSh 465,000

Greenhouse prices exclude transportation costs.

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