Happy New Year! We are excited about this new year given the impressive achievements we had in 2015, we hope and believe to even achieve more this 2016 with your support. Starting on a high note, Illuminum Greenhouses Kenya has been selected as part of the 10 companies participating in the Africa Business Conference New Venture Competition that will take place in Boston,MA on February 26th, 2016.

This year’s theme for the African Business Conference is “Unite.  Innovate.  Disrupt:  Homegrown models for Africa’s prosperity“. Despite the media’s focus on the challenges in Africa, we are proud of the progress Africa has made over the years and we see Africa not as a land plagued with challenges but one also filled with opportunities and remarkable success stories. We also believe that significant and sustainable progress can be achieved not only from the top but also from us, the African people.

During this year’s conference, we aim to celebrate and promote awareness of our innovative solar powered farm automation system that we hope to deploy across Africa. To quote a popular African proverb ‐ “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This suggests that we as a people can progress further, faster and better if we work together and so this year,  the conference will be focused on igniting action and channeling our collective efforts towards creating solutions that will contribute to Africa’s prosperity in the long‐term.

As in previous years,  the conference will bring together ~1,500 people,  from both the diaspora and the continent,  who are passionate about business opportunities in Africa.  The conference will feature highly inspirational content sessions, a new venture competition, and professional networking opportunities with current and future Africa business leaders.  This year,  in line with the theme,  the conference will also be introducing interactive workshop sessions,  TED‐style keynote sessions,  industry networking sessions,  personal story sessions with panelists, and more. We hope this forum shall enable more opportunities for Illuminum Greenhouses to meaningfully engage with other entrepreneurs and the conference speakers in order to foster partnerships that will lead to the deployment of more innovative solutions in Africa.

We look forward to meeting you at the Africa Business Conference 2016 to be held at the Harvard Business School.