It is our desire to achieve more this year in terms of our goals and having been in our second month of the year, we are pleased to say that we have started on our journey. We are glad to have been invited to the world’s largest showcase by the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (16th-17th February 2016) for an exhibition and conference that exists to present our very own innovation to over 4500 attendees from over 85 countries, who consist of the exhibitors, government representatives and speakers.

Through cross-sector collaboration we can bring about a food-secure future. The sole reason why Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture exists is to bring together public decision-makers, private sector champions and civil society leaders who develop and catalyze innovations for sustainable agriculture.


Providing enough nutritious and safe food to a growing population is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Food and agricultural sectors are central to eradicating hunger and poverty, but current farming practices and climate change are putting pressure on our natural resources. This is why innovation can be able to help eradicate problems related to Agriculture and promote its sustainability as it is the only solution for increasing food production and combating climate change.


Here is a peep at some of the innovations we loved.


The future of Hydroponics

This was a hydroponics set up with UV lights that allowed for crops to grow to full maturity within 28 days.



Bumblebees used for pollination in greenhouses located in the UAE

We have also been trying to introduce the concept of bees in greenhouses to improve pollination and thus output and we were very excited to find out that there was a solution that we could leverage on and implement here in Kenya.





Hydroponics with White light



GFIA 2016




This will be a learning experience that will enable us as a company to learn more and come up with fresh ideas that will bring about more innovation and help us to maximize our full potential.

We target to make Kenya one of the leading countries in Agriculture.