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Mzoefu Drip Irrigation Kit (Request a pre-site survey)


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Our drip irrigation kits are designed to provide a durable space to grow your vegetables, flowers and fruits all year round.

The drip irrigation kit comes with:

  1. Drip lines
  2. Irrigation fittings
  3. Connectors
  4. P.E pipe
  5. Water filter
  6. Water tank (Varies with each size).
  7. Technical installation costs

Drip irrigation kit pricing

Product name Kadogo Mwanzishi Mzoefu
Irrigation kit size 0.25 Acre 0.5 Acre 1 Acre
Water tank 250L 500L 1000L
Price Ksh 61,025 Ksh 97,100 Ksh 160,875
Cost per square metre Ksh 61.03 Ksh 48.55 Ksh 40.22
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