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Mzoefu Wooden Nethouse (Request a pre-site survey)


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One can grow just about anything in a net house. The following table shows the number of plants that each of our net houses can accommodate. A spacing of 30cm or 60cm can be used for the following plants; tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum just to name a few.

The wooden net house comes with:

  1. Wooden poles
  2. Insect net (40 mesh).
  3. Complete drip irrigation kit
  4. Water tank (Varies with each size)
  5. Entry porch
  6. Crop-support
  7. Wooden tank stand
  8. Technical installation costs.

Net house pricing

Product name Kadogo Mwanzishi-Mini Mwanzishi Mzoefu
Wooden net house size 8x15M 8x24M 8x30M 16x30M
Water tank 500L 1000L 1000L 2300L
Price Ksh 174,600 Ksh 268,800 Ksh 318,960 Ksh 616,800
Cost per square metre Ksh 1,455 Ksh 1,400 Ksh 1,329 Ksh 1,285
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